Building A Better Muskogee

Building A Better Muskogee is a set of propositions that will be before the voters in Muskogee, Oklahoma on August 27, 2024. Three propositions will represent portions of a general obligation bond that will fund a variety of vital city projects. A fourth proposition will allow voters to choose to renew the funding for an existing Capital Improvement Project sales tax in Muskogee for an additional six years (2025-2031). You can see the entire project list, including funding needed, here.

Muskogee has not passed a city general obligation (GO) bond in more than 50 years; the GO Bond would therefore increase property tax in the city by about 15 mills, or about $12.50/month for a property with a taxable market value of $100,000. The sales tax would be a six-year extension of existing sales tax, so approving it will not change the sales tax rate in Muskogee.

This site will soon list the dates, times, and places of upcoming public meetings about these important propositions. As additional information on the projects, needs, or impact is developed, it will be posted to this website. Please check back for more Building A Better Muskogee updates as they become available.

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These improvements are necessary to support and serve our current citizens and to support a strong future for Muskogee, and they do not fit into our current operating budget. To make these improvements, we are asking residents to consider approving a 25-year General Obligation (GO) bond.

GO bonds are often used to fund significant public infrastructure projects, like the ones proposed in the project list. This type of bond is repaid through yearly property taxes until the bond expires. After a GO bond expires, the property tax collected to pay for it retires. The City of Muskogee does not receive any property (ad valorem) taxes for operating purposes or capital expenses - voters in Muskogee may choose to use property tax for capital expenses via their vote on August 27th.


Muskogee’s operating budget, like all other Oklahoma cities, is not funded through property (ad valorem) tax. In fact, our general operating budget is composed of local sales taxes, use or excise taxes, inspections, and permits – and those sources do not increase enough annually on their own to fund significant projects and initiatives. That’s why city governments, including Muskogee, use funding options like GO bonds so that voters can choose to address critical infrastructure needs.

What is Muskogee’s current millage rate compared to other cities?

These are the current millage rates in Muskogee. Green represents the current rate in Muskogee school district. Red represents the current rate in the Hilldale school district.


The City of Muskogee will host at least two public meetings to share details and answer questions about the Building a Better Muskogee bond and sales tax propositions on the ballot for August 27th. Dates, times, and places will be listed in this space on the website as soon as that information is finalized. If you cannot attend a public meeting, come back to this spot on the website after each one to see a video of the entire event.

Public Meetings

Public Meeting #2
July 2024 - Details TBD

View Public Meeting #1 recording


On August 27, 2024, Muskogee voters will consider whether to approve a general obligation bond to accomplish key projects across our community. If passed, this $77,000,000 bond will be used to build a new police station, build a new fire station and rehabilitate several other fire stations, widen and improve roadways, improve stormwater drainage and management, rehabilitate or improve key civic buildings, invest in our downtown and medical districts, and improve pedestrian and bicycle access.

Explore the Projects

The Port of Muskogee has received funding for the flood protection project through a grant. If Building A Better Muskogee is approved by voters, the availability of additional funding means the funds for Proposition 4 previously designated for enhancements at the port can be fully devoted to industrial site development.

Capital Improvements Streets Brief City Hall Brief Civic Center Brief Library Brief Downtown Brief Country Club and Shawnee Brief Fire Station and Equipment Brief Highway 69 Pedestrian Bridge Brief Industrial Site Development and Flood Protection Brief Love-Hatbox Field Improvements Brief Medical District Improvements Brief MLK Center Expansion Brief Police Station and Equipment Brief Public Works Building Brief Smith Ferry Road Brief



Proposition #1 - Public Safety

Proposition #2 - Streets & Bridges

Proposition #3 - Community Facilities

Proposition #4 - CIP Sales Tax Renewal


Public Meeting #1 – June 17, 2024


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This notice is required by Title 62 Oklahoma Statutes Section 896.1 and this same notice has been posted to the City of Muskogee website.


Local elections impact many important aspects of our communities, including public safety, roads, infrastructure, and quality of life, so we want to encourage everyone to get out and vote on August 27th. To check your voter registration status and polling place, visit the Oklahoma Voter Portal.